Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quidditch Sweaters

Who knew how hard it would be to get a still shot of the Quidditch sweaters worn in The Sorcerer's Stone?! After much searching, this is the best screen capture I could find, as most were blurry due to Quidditch action.

Lack of photos aside, the Quidditch sweater is another perfect everyday sweater featured in the Harry Potter movies. All-over ribbing and block striping set this sweater apart, while the construction and fit mean it can be worn by both men and women.

Several patterns for this sweater exist, in both DK and worsted weight.

Quidditch Sweater, by Anne Bergeron (Charmed Knits)
Quidditch Sweater, by Ashwinder (free pattern!)
Harry Potter Replica Quidditch Sweater, by Greg Steiner (Ravelry purchase)

Most people, if they've made this sweater, have used the Charmed Knits pattern, but there are two others available for those looking for a different version. You can also find several patterns for mini sweaters modeled after this sweater, but I have not linked to them.

Image Source: Home of the Nutty (some images were cropped)

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