Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oliver Wood Quidditch Practice Sweater, Sorcerer's Stone

While Oliver Wood is not featured prominently in the movies, we knitters are treated to several hand knit sweaters modeled by the young Quidditch player in the first film. The first sweater worn by Wood is the simple brown turtleneck he wears while teaching Harry to play Quidditch.

Seamed sleeves and a simple wide rib make this sweater ideal for everyday wizarding wear, and perfect for those of us Muggles who love to emulate wizarding fashion. While no "official" Potter approved pattern exists for this sweater, I found a pattern that would be perfect for whipping up a brown sweater just like Oliver's.

Mandalay Turtle, by Norah Gaughan, is from Guy Knits: Sweaters & Vests (Best of Knitter's Magazine series), and features every aspect of Oliver's cardigan! This book features a full 28 patterns for men, so you can round out your Oliver-approved wardrobe easily!

Image Source: Home of the Nutty (some images were cropped and edited)

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