Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Harry Potter Quidditch Practice Sweater, Sorcerer's Stone

The first time we see Harry in hand knits of any kind is the sweater he wears when Oliver Wood begins to teach him about Quidditch. Harry's navy blue sweater features a large cable motif running from each shoulder down the length of the sweater both front and back, as well as the same cable motif on each sewn in sleeve. Separating the cable motifs is a section of seed stitch on both the front and back center sections of the sweater.

There is no "official" pattern for this sweater, which is a surprise to me. Patterns exist for other sweaters worn in this first movie, and this sort of cable and seed stitch idea seems like one a pattern writer would jump on. I'm hoping someone will decide to write this pattern up, and then I can include it here!

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