Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ron Weasley Visit To Hagrid Sweater, Sorcerer's Stone

As they are figuring out just how dangerous Hogwarts can truly be, Harry, Ron, and Hermione take a visit to Hagrid's hut, seeking answers to questions about the three-headed dog they encountered. You can see Harry wearing his green cabled Christmas sweater, and you can't see if Hermione is wearing a sweater, but you can also see Ron's striped sweater.

While there's no way to tell if the sleeves of Ron's crew neck navy blue sweater contain grey stripes like the body, it is clear he is wearing a sweater. I love simple sweaters like this on men and boys - just a few stripes for a bit of knitter interest, while still neutral enough you're almost guaranteed the recipient will wear it regularly.

Ron's striped sweater can be made using your favorite crew neck sweater pattern, with the main body navy blue and a bit of grey stripe for interest.

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