Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fred and George's Rescue Vests

When Fred and George Weasley help pilot the car that rescues Harry from the Dursley residence, they are wearing wonderfully striped knitted vests. Unfortunately for knitters, the pair are still very much background characters, and so there aren't many clear screen caps of the vests, nor is there a pattern.

What is clear, is that the vests are striped, and a combination of tans, olives, and browns. the ribbing at the sleeves, neck, and waist is olive, and the stripes within the vest itself appear to be knit with a seed stitch texture.

As I said, there's no pattern written for this vest as of yet, but any men's vest pattern could be used, and the strip pattern worked over it to give the look.


  1. Please go on with your work.
    I hope you read this, although you didn't upload something since january. I really like the idea of your blog since I was searching exaktly THIS - a collection of all knits from the Harry Potter Movies.
    I would really be sad if you lost your confidence in this blog.

  2. Seconded. Just found this blog and was super excited, but I realized that nothing has been uploaded in the last 2.5 years. Pity, this was an exciting find.

    1. Yes, agree -- wish you had continued with a blog! Such a great idea. I hope you find time to pick it up again sometime soon.