Friday, December 26, 2014


Welcome to Harry Potter Knits, my quest to document every knitted item in the Harry Potter movies.

A hat knitter by trade (and passion), I've knit my way through many of the hats worn by the characters in the Harry Potter movies over the years. However, there are quite literally hundreds (maybe thousands?) of other knitted items featured on the characters in the movies.

Over the years knitters and crocheters alike have written patterns that pay homage to these knitted items, and I hope to link to as many of these patterns as possible as I share each knitted item.

The plan? To work my way through screen captures from each of the movies, sharing knitted (and crocheted!) items one post at a time. I will categorize by movie, character, and more as I see fit, and will share as many photos as I can find of each item.

As I share each item, I will share links to patterns made in honor of that item (where patterns exist). When I find I have missed a pattern, I will go back and edit the original post to reflect the patterns, and will most likely write a new post for this new addition.

This is most definitely a labor of love, and so I cannot promise to get everything up super fast, but I will work at it one day at a time. My current plan is to start with the first movie and simply work my way forwards. If you notice I've missed a knitted item in a movie I've already finished, or I've missed a pattern for a knitted item I've already featured, feel free to e-mail me at shemakeshats(at)gmail(dot)com.

Enjoy the space!

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  1. Genius idea! I can't wait to see all of the items you find.