Sunday, December 28, 2014

Molly Weasley's King's Cross Hat, Sorcerer's Stone

Along with wearing her fair isle cardigan in the first King's Cross meeting, Molly Weasley also wears a dark green cabled beret. It's hard to find a good screen capture of just the hat, and these are the best of the bunch.

You can tell from the first shot the hat has not only cables, but also several garter stitch sections within each cable, making the work intricate and fun. So many of the items attributed to Molly Weasley (or implied as having been made by her) feature distinct and difficult color work, but this hat features a more intricate stitch pattern instead. It is one of the few single-color items worn by Molly (or knitted by Molly) in the series of movies.

Image Source: Home of the Nutty (some images were cropped)

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